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If you were in an ally and seen a group of zombies you would...

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 Scream and run
 Start cracking zombie skulls
 Yell for help

Just show me the results

by Gggg Tutti on Sep 3
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Ari Sharrar Ari Sharrar I would try to join them. Oct 5 at 8:55 PM
Connie P Connie P Run like Hell !!!! Sep 10 at 8:56 AM
Alexa Nee Alexa Nee Aren't stereotypical zombies like really slow? I would run! Sep 7 at 8:09 PM
Liz Werner Liz Werner Id kick em in the face Sep 5 at 7:21 PM
Daniel Frank Daniel Frank I'd start shuffling. Or if I had me 2 berretas, kill Sep 5 at 1:01 AM
Charlie Highland Charlie Highland I'd play my stereo and break dance ;) Sep 4 at 8:45 PM
Luke Hamilton Luke Hamilton Kill them Sep 4 at 7:18 PM
Jen M Jen M If I had a weapon, crack skulls... If not, run and hide. Sep 4 at 11:48 AM
Julian Jimenez Julian Jimenez Depnds if I had weapons Sep 4 at 7:26 AM
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