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 Twilight Series
 Harry Potter
 King's Speech
 Pirates Of the Carribean
 I don't like any of these
by Laura Carmony on Jul 16
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DAVID MYOB DAVID MYOB They suck Jan 23 at 6:25 PM
Esmer Mankilla Esmer Mankilla HARRY POTTER :) Nov 24 at 1:02 PM
Tyler White Tyler White Days of Thunder!!!!!!! May 12 at 2:24 PM
Calvin Balliu Calvin Balliu Hate!!!!!!! Jan 5 at 9:48 AM
Elisabeth Tripp Elisabeth Tripp Switch kings speech an hunger games Sep 2 at 9:27 PM
Casey Hubbard Casey Hubbard None Aug 20 at 1:10 AM
Kat *********** Kat *********** Comedy only!! Jul 9 at 6:23 PM
Ziggy Ziggy Ziggy Ziggy 24% are gay gauys Jul 5 at 6:24 PM
Caycee Murphy Caycee Murphy HARRY POTTER!! :D Jun 21 at 1:58 PM
Allen Matt Allen Matt I don't like these Jun 13 at 6:00 PM
Francisco Gomez Francisco Gomez Where is the hunger games?!?! My username is hungergamesguy May 5 at 10:57 PM
Ashley Shivers Ashley Shivers Twilight sucks Apr 25 at 5:41 PM
Julia Williams Julia Williams I love 'the hunger games' it's beast as ass! Mar 26 at 6:22 PM
Sarah Streit Sarah Streit The Hunger Games BABY!! Mar 24 at 9:14 PM
Luke Butterfield Luke Butterfield What about star wars? Mar 23 at 4:44 PM
Jordan P Jordan P None, I like American Pie! Mar 17 at 8:52 PM
Miranda Matos Miranda Matos Harry potter and twilight kings speech sucks Mar 15 at 5:46 PM
Bloopers Bleep Bloopers Bleep Hunger games and Harry potter, duh, Twilight Sucks Mar 13 at 10:30 PM
Ashlee :) Ashlee :) Twilight Feb 27 at 5:36 PM
Ash Klo Ash Klo Hunger games!!! Jan 23 at 6:53 PM
Matt Nelson Matt Nelson Harrypotter duh Jan 20 at 4:50 PM
Rae C. Rae C. I like both Harry potter and twilight but Harry was here 1st Jan 16 at 1:54 AM
Otty Soemitro Otty Soemitro Arch Jan 5 at 10:53 PM
Ed Liebeno Ed Liebeno HP Jan 4 at 8:33 PM
Josh K Josh K Fagggg Jan 4 at 8:17 PM
Evan Schellinger Evan Schellinger What the heck is the kings speech Jan 4 at 6:47 PM
Emily F Emily F Harry Potter ROCKS!!!!! I'm sad it's ending too. Jan 4 at 3:44 PM
Laura Carmony Laura Carmony I have the most popular pole!(: Jul 24 at 6:26 PM
Gggg Tutti Gggg Tutti How so many votes? Jul 18 at 7:40 AM
Sammi Popi Sammi Popi Love Harry potter Jul 17 at 5:53 PM
Ashlee Johnson Ashlee Johnson Hate harry potter Jul 17 at 5:09 PM
Zoe Philpott Zoe Philpott I am obsessed with Harry Potter haha so obviously I picked i Jul 17 at 8:41 AM
Hailey Mason Hailey Mason Tough choice between HP and POTC Jul 16 at 10:21 PM
J J J J Gay Jul 16 at 10:20 PM
Chris Brum Chris Brum Star wars, Indiana jones, iron man Jul 16 at 9:58 PM
Will Eddy Will Eddy Fuck twilight! Jul 16 at 9:45 PM
Melina D Melina D Harry Potter ftw (: Jul 16 at 5:26 PM
Dallas Martin Dallas Martin Ur a loser Jul 16 at 4:01 PM
Dallas Martin Dallas Martin Dont call me that. I didn't want to put her down Jul 16 at 3:58 PM
Guy Stern Guy Stern I can't believe the potter kids made it through all of the m Jul 16 at 3:58 PM
Julian Jimenez Julian Jimenez I saw Harry potter today and it was amazing Jul 16 at 3:42 PM
Laura Carmony Laura Carmony Harry Potter rocks Jul 16 at 3:34 PM
Dallas Martin Dallas Martin I know. I was thinking hard Jul 16 at 3:02 PM
Dallas Martin Dallas Martin I'm sad that Harry Potter is ending Jul 16 at 3:00 PM
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