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We are here to help in any way we can. Please review the frequently asked questions below. If you are unable to find the information you are looking for, please feel free to email us. Also, if you have any comments or ideas that would improve PollBob, be sure to shoot us an email

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PollBob?

PollBob is a social community where users can take, create, discover and share short opinion polls with friends and others in real time and on-the-go. Our goal is to provide a fun and interactive user experience and resource where users can find out what people think on any topic or issue. From the information, we hope to help people and businesses make more informed decision.

What is a PollBob?

PollBobs™ are polls created and housed on PollBob.com. The polls can be answered on PollBob.com or on any other 3rd Party Website that uses them.

How do I create a PollBob?

To create your own PollBob, click the "Create a PollBob" option at the top right of any PollBob page. From there, simply follow the instructions. Once you create a poll, PollBob makes it easy to share on Facebook, Twitter, blog or personal web page. In addition to these places, you can also click the small PollBob logo at the bottom right of any PollBob module and it will be added to your list of Bobbled™ polls. Your Bobbled™ polls are a list of polls that appear on both your public profile page, and also get fed into the homepage of any user that is following you on PollBob. Once a poll is created, it is analyzed by our algorithms to determine how ofter is should be shown to users.

How can I find PollBobs on the topics I'm interested in?

The best way to find polls on the topics you are interested in is by searching at the top of any page of our site.

How do I post a PollBob to my web site, blog or personal web page?

You can easily post your own PollBob or any other PollBob to your web site, blog or personal web page. Simply create or find a poll that you wish to share and click the embed link on the bottom of the PollBob module. This will pop up a piece of code that you can insert onto your website.

What is the PollBob User Home Page?

PollBob user Home page is where all your personal PollBob information is funneled. It provides a single place where you can view and manage all the PollBobs of interest to you and also see Polls that your freinds or people you are following also find interesting. This also allows you to view an activity feed of your friends actions, view your voting history and keep track of the polls that you created.

What is my PollBob Profile Page (Bobble Feed™)?

Your public profile feed, or Bobble Feed™, is located at PollBob.com/username and shows all the polls that a given user found interesting. This page is public to anyone that wishes to view it. You can add any poll to your Bobble Feed™ by clicking the PollBob P Square logo at the bottom of any of the polls on our website. In addition to this, all polls a user creates will automatically added to their PollBob Profile Page. Polls added to your Bobble Feed™ appear at the top of your public profile page in the order they were Bobbled™. You can also filter them by popularity and creates polls.

How can I contact PollBob if I still have questions?

If you have further questions regarding the site, please email us at contact(at) PollBob.com. We are also always happy to hear your comments and feedback.

Thanks for using PollBob!