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For more information polling and surveys for your business, please visit www.questionpro.com

Promoted Polls :

Promoted Polls is a quick and inexpensive way for companies to conduct market research. Not only does it provide market research to companies, but can also provide an opportunity for merchants to drive qualified lead generation, gets people talking about their business, and rewards them for their patronage. This product is extremely innovative to the market research space as it streamlines and the process and makes research tools accessible to anyone.

Advanced User Analytics:

In a nutshell, our users take polls and then we sell that data to market research firms and businesses. It is important to note that all data provided to businesses in the aggregate and contains no personally identifiable information to businesses or researchers. Anyone can view results to polls and also get demographic breakdowns on our iPhone app and website, but if businesses want to get more in depth analytic tools including cross poll response breakdowns, they can signup for our advanced analytics platform for a small monthly fee.

Promoted Customer Feedback Surveys:

Promoted Surveys is a very similar product as Promoted Polls, but rather than sponsor a series of polls to our users, Promoted Surveys targets users at a particular location to provide feedback on that particular business. These surveys are typically longer and more in-depth than the standard polls provided on Pollbob and are also about a particular brand or place of business.